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Defender Ranch

T1C - 3 Day - Performance Pistol - May 17-19 2024

T1C - 3 Day - Performance Pistol - May 17-19 2024

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Trainers - Billy Barton & Jared Clawson

Location - Defender Ranch, ID

Date: May 17-19 2024 (check in evening of May 16)

Cost is ALL INCLUSIVE - email for details

Ammo not included in training price but you will be able to bring your own, ship it in, or purchase ammo on site. We expect to go through approximately 1500 rounds.

Recommended Airports: Twin Falls Airport Twin Falls, ID (TWF) approximately 55 miles, Boise Airport, Boise ID (BOI) approximately 114 miles.

Defender Ranch offers world-class firearms training on an exclusive and secluded 100% off grid ranch in South-central Idaho, far from population centers.  The ranch features a variety of ranges built into the hillsides of a beautiful valley surrounded by towering and spectacular rhyolite rock formations.  When the training day is over, guests can relax in the lodge or get out and enjoy the seclusion and amazing views.

Students may also enjoy hiking, fishing in one of four privately stocked ponds, archery, axe throwing, or winding down after dinner in the saloon or around the fire with other guests.

Firearms training takes place on 5 different ranges (some turf covered) including 4 pistol bays, 1 carbine bay and 2 long-range shooting areas, the longest reaching out more than a mile in total distance.

Class Description -

Performance is a term so overused in the training space that it can cease to have real meaning; but the idea is simple, we want to push the capabilities of the shooter to all new limits. We find the core skills needed for any practical shooting discipline to be the same, whether that be for concealed carry, duty carry, or just shooting matches... the shooter needs to be skilled in gun handling, accuracy at proper speed on targets of varying difficulty, target transitions and movement. 

We’ll cover all these topics starting at a fundamental refresher level, and moving through to advanced applications that will push shooters of all levels with individually tailored instruction. Possibly even more important that than the techniques and skills covered, you’ll learn how to train. Learning to self-coach and train with efficiency is crucial for any shooter wanting to take their skills to the next level. 

Primary Areas of Instruction Include 

  • Gun handling skills including draws, reloads, single-handed shooting. 

  • Fundamentals deep dive, emphasis on grip, trigger control and vision. 

  • The formulas of speed and accuracy on targets of varying difficulty including differing aiming schemes and trigger control technique. (This culminates in the Billy Drill Standards with a chance for the Speed Up & Get Your Hits patch). 

  • Advanced Target Transitions including blending transition styles through targets of differing difficulties, and correctly prioritizing speed vs. accuracy on target arrays. 

  • Efficient movement between and through shooting positions. 

  • Shooting on the Move. 

  IMPORTANT: This class is not intended for new beginners, and should not be your first training class. It is critical that students have already built sub-conscious competence with firearms safety and have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of marksmanship. To give an example of recommended skill level, students should have a draw time of below 2 seconds on close targets, and be able to consistently get A-zone hits at 15 yards. This course work is designed to help shooters hone and take an existing skill-set to the next level.

Basic Gear List: 

  • It is absolutely required that all shooters will have a safe holster compatible with their pistol and that it will be mounted to a sturdy belt capable of securely holding the holster and pistol in place during running, drawing, etc. This a safety requirement that cannot be compromised on. If you have another carry method such as a bag, belly band, etc, you may feel free to bring that and request some specific side training on that, but it will not be suitable for use throughout the class. Holsters can be Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) or Outside-the-Waistband (OWB).  Soft nylon or neoprene holsters are not permitted. Leather holsters are not recommended; however, they are acceptable provided that the leather is stiff enough and in good enough condition to not fold over and enter the trigger guard upon holstering. All holsters must completely cover and prevent access to the trigger / trigger guard while the pistol is holstered. 

  • Pistol: You’ll need to bring your own pistol capable of reliably making it through class unless previous arrangements with us have been made. It would be highly recommended that you bring a quality striker-fired, DA/SA or 2011 style pistol with double-stack magazines. If you are running an optic on your handgun, please make every effort to have the optic zeroed and make sure the batteries will last through the course. Please also have any tools needed for remounting or adjusting the zero if necessary. 

  • Magazines: You’ll need at least four magazines. If you are bringing a single-stack or other reduced-capacity handgun, more magazines may be required. Being able to carry 60 rounds loaded in mags on your person is a good rule of thumb. You’ll also need a way to carry at least one of your magazines in an easily accessible position for reloads. Kydex mag pouches (either OWB or IWB) are great, and you can also use a Neomag, etc. Additional mags can just be stuffed in pockets etc until needed and then re-staged. 

  • We expect to shoot around 1500 rounds over the three days. 

  • Athletic footwear with an aggressive tread recommended. 

  • By entering payment information and completing an order you are certifying that you are of appropriate age for this training and that you are a U.S citizen who is legally allowed to possess a firearm.

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